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Certified Local Government Bibliography

Certified Local Government (CLG) Information
(I pulled this together for my local historical society in Minnesota, but it is generally useful)

The primary goal of participating in the CLG program is to strengthen the historic preservation program at the local level. The CLG program ensures that historic preservation issues are understood and addressed at the local level and are integrated into the local planning and decision-making process at the earliest possible opportunity.

Historic preservation should be considered equally with other planning issues in a CLG and not be viewed as superfluous to decision-making. CLG status can bring pride and official recognition to a community that is committed to historic preservation.

This nationwide program helps local preservation groups transform themselves from grass-roots advocates to policymakers. A city, county or township with a qualifying heritage preservation ordinance and commission (HPC) may become a Certified Local Government (CLG) by applying to the SHPO.

CLG status enables the local government to apply for federal matching grants to preserve historic properties. This local-state-federal partnership encourages the integration of historic preservation into local government policy.

CLG Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain a qualified HPC.
  • Maintain a system for identifying historic properties.
  • Enforce appropriate legislation for the designation and protection of historic properties.
  • Provide for public participation in the local preservation program.
  • Play an expanded role in nominating properties to the National Register.
  • Perform other agreed-upon functions delegated by the SHPO.

State Historic Preservation Office – SHPO

CLG Program: Requirements, Grants, Procedures, Model Ordinance and more

Reports and publications

Nearby cities with active CLG programs

Chatfield, Redwing, Wabasha, and Winona.

  • Lanesboro has become defunct and may be decertified.

List of cities in Minnesota with preservation commissions or active CLG

Minnesota Historical Society – MNHS 

Preservation Specialists

Consultant used by Chatfield to manage activities

Consultant used by Lanesboro for design guidelines

National Trust for Historic Preservation – NTHP

The national leader and mothership for historic preservation. Tools, techniques, resources, information, conferences, training

Adaptive Reuse, Design and Development Resources

A creative and robust adaptive reuse focus to historic preservation programs helps keep historic buildings maintained and viable, retains public support for the program, and can contribute to local economic development goals.




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